B.B. King Tribute Concert – Notodden 2015

The B.B. King Tribute Concert was held on Friday August 31. on the main stage at Notodden Blues Festival. It was such a thrill to see these musicians feel the blues and give their all for B.B. King. (Thor M. Renslemo)

b.b._king_tribute_christoffer_kid_andersenChristoffer “Kid” Andersen.

b.b._king_tribute_jerry_jemmottJerry Jemmott. This gentleman played bass on B.B. King’s classic track “The Thrill Is Gone”.

b.b._king_tribute_knut_reiersrud_2Knut Reiersrud.

b.b._king_tribute_knut_reiersrud_1Knut Reiersrud.

b.b._king_tribute_john_blues_boyd_1John “Blues” Boyd.

b.b._king_tribute_john_blues_boyd_2John “Blues” Boyd.

b.b._king_tribute_jim_pughJim Pugh.

b.b._king_tribute_tony_colemanTony Coleman. This cat was B.B. King’s drummer on and off for nearly two decades.