The End of Notodden Blues Festival 2015

Thanks to Jostein Forsberg and Notodden Blues Festival we will probably be backstage every year from now. This is our second year, but it means so much for us to be able to mingle with the artist and talk picks. We saw many great artist this year, some we spoke to and tested picks with, some we just talked to. We have initiated some endorsements with some of these artists, which can be seen under ARTISTS, and some we have started talking to about the possibility of maybe working together. (Thor M. Renslemo)

Ronni Boysen is one of the nicest Danish people I’ve met. Brilliant guitar player. Honored blues guitarist. Plays with a Kebony Maple Sollin 1.8mm in these photograph from Teledølen.

Ronni Boysen, Mud Morganfield. A show to remember. (Mud Morganfield is the eldest son of the great Muddy Waters.)

Mud Morganfield, Bob Margolin.

Walter Latupeirissa. Picked Walter up at the airport and had some great talks on the 3-hour drive to the artist hotel in Kongsberg. Talking with Walter was all good vibes. A great human being.

Eric “Slim” Zahl. We met Eric at the artist hotel and hung out, talked picks and inspired youth.

Erik Rolland. Rythme guitar for Amund Maarud. We have talked about talking about picks. He’s good.

Amund Maarud. Excellent guitar player, great songwriter. Had a long talk about picks, guitars, gear. He tried several picks and really liked the idea and the feel of a wooden pick or wood/metal pick. We talked about the tonal possibilities of studio work with a set of picks crafted for a set of guitars for an album recording. Really hope to work with Amund in the near future, we’ll set him up with a nice set.


To sum it all up we had another great festival and met some fine artists. We really hope to build our base of artists and get to the point where we can deliver the right tools at the right time. At the moment we still craft one pick at a time and this is very time-consuming. We are in the process of setting up a production line and we have great people assisting us in that aspect as well as raising finances to expand the business and reach a greater number of guitar players worldwide.

We truly appreciate all our artist’s patience and consideration for the challenges we face building a respectable business, and developing a high-end tool for guitar players that does the job it’s meant to do, always.

See you backstage.

Thor M. Renslemo

Nick Moss

Nick Moss performs at Notodden Blues Festival ’14, sitting in with Mike Anderson Band. What a guitar player! I had a chance to talk to Nick both backstage and at the artist hotel. Great guy with a good sense of humor. Nick got a box with an Ash pick. (Thor M. Renslemo)


Dorothy Moore

Dorothy Moore performs at Notodden Blues Festival ’14 at Notodden Church on Saturday August 2nd. I had the privilege of being Ms. Moore’s personal photographer for the evening and captured some sweet moments both onstage and backstage.

What a concert, what a charming woman! (Thor M. Renslemo)

Dorothy Moore Notodden Blues Festival

BackStage with Keb’ Mo’

I had the pleasure of sitting down backstage with Keb’ Mo’ for over half an hour and discuss Wood Metal picks. Keb’ had his Epiphone Special II with him and had a chance to try 9 of my deigns. Keb’ took a particular liking to a Olin Copper Apple pick, 21mm x 25mm. It just felt right. I met up with Keb’ on two other occasions and ended up giving him a box with two Oak picks closest to his desired specifications.

Keb’ was such a charming personality and a true gentleman. His interest in my picks was genuine. And what a musician! I will personally handcraft a set of Olin Apple Copper picks for Keb’. (Thor M. Renslemo)

(Photos of Keb’ and Thor by Ole Christian Wold Haavik)




The End of Notodden Blues Festival 2014

We got the sweet opportunity to introduce our picks to artists at Notodden Blues Festival 2014! We had a chance to really talk tools with the guitarists and the response was overwhelming! Artists came up to us backstage after hearing about it from other artist or discovering our printed teasers in the artist folder. They just had to try it out. It was amazing to meet so much talent and get such a sweet feedback on the picks.

Paul Sherry of Gráinne Duffy Band played three gigs with Ågåt Naturally Curved CocoNut Pick. James Henderson, the guitarist for Dorothy Moore and former member of Black Oak Arkansas, played the gig at Notodden Church with a Myrthild Oak pick. What a show! I haven’t felt that emotional at a concert since I photographed Nina Simone back in ’89. (Thor M. Renslemo)