The End of Notodden Blues Festival 2015

Thanks to Jostein Forsberg and Notodden Blues Festival we will probably be backstage every year from now. This is our second year, but it means so much for us to be able to mingle with the artist and talk picks. We saw many great artist this year, some we spoke to and tested picks with, some we just talked to. We have initiated some endorsements with some of these artists, which can be seen under ARTISTS, and some we have started talking to about the possibility of maybe working together. (Thor M. Renslemo)

Below is a series of photographs we feel represent the mood and vibes from this years festival.

Dana Fuchs was a firework onstage. What a treat to see her and her band perform.

Jon Diamond. Brilliant guitar player. Nice guy. We had a beer. Ok, two beers.

Walter Latupeirissa. Picked Walter up at the airport and had some great talks on the 3 hour drive to the artist hotel in Kongsberg. Talking with Walter was all good vibes. Great human being.

Craig Dryer. Brooklyn. Interesting fella.

Piero Perelli. Insightful & energetic. Probably in complete harmony. Good guy.

Ronni Boysen is one of the nicest Danish people I’ve met. Brilliant guitar player. Honored blues guitarist. Plays with a Kebony Maple Sollin 1.8mm in these photograph from Teledølen.

Ronni Boysen, Mud Morganfield. A show to remember. (Mud Morganfield is the eldest son of the great Muddy Waters.)

Mud Morganfield, Bob Margolin.

PJ Barth. He did it for Beth Hart.

Mike Zito. Nice guy. Good guitar player.

Eric “Slim” Zahl. We met Eric at the artist hotel and hung out, talked picks and inspired youth.

Ken “Willie” Scandlyn. Ken plays axe for Shemekia Copeland. Had some good talks at the artist hotel. He was intrigued by our picks and wanted to explore it further. We will stay in touch and hopefully we can work together.

Magnus Berg. Magnus is a young and very talented guitar player and songwriter. It was such a treat to get to know him during the festival. We have met up several times after Notodden and talked picks, blues and gear. Magnus style of playing is rough and intense. We quickly discovered that a 2.2mm Kebony Maple pick basically lasts one show. Magnus tears them up and really needed wood/metal to beat the crap out of onstage. We think he’s happy now, but we are still experimenting.

Erik Rolland. Rythme guitar for Amund Maarud. We have talked about talking about picks. He’s good.

Amund Maarud. Excellent guitar player, great songwriter. Had a long talk about picks, guitars, gear. He tried several picks and really liked the idea and the feel of a wood pick or wood/metal pick. We talked about the tonal possibilities of studio work with a set of picks crafted for a set of guitars for an album recording. Really hope to work with Amund in the near future, we’ll set him up with a nice set.


To sum it all up we had another great festival and met some fine artists. We really hope to build our base of artists and get to the point where we can deliver the right tools at the right time. At the moment we still craft one pick at a time and this is very time consuming. We are in the process of setting up a production line and we have great people assisting us in that aspect as well as raising finances to expand the business and reach a greater number of guitar players worldwide.

We truly appreciate all our artists patience and consideration for the challenges we face building a respectable business, and developing a high-end tool for guitar players that does the job it’s meant to do, always.

We will see you backstage at Notodden Blues Festival 2016 !

Thor M. Renslemo