The End of Notodden Blues Festival 2014

We got the sweet opportunity to introduce our picks to artists at Notodden Blues Festival 2014! We had a chance to really talk tools with the guitarists and the response was overwhelming! Artists came up to us backstage after hearing about it from other artist or discovering our printed teasers in the artist folder. They just had to try it out. It was amazing to meet so much talent and get such a sweet feedback on the picks.

Paul Sherry of Gráinne Duffy Band played three gigs with Ågåt Naturally Curved CocoNut Pick. James Henderson, the guitarist for Dorothy Moore and former member of Black Oak Arkansas, played the gig at Notodden Church with a Myrthild Oak pick. What a show! I haven’t felt that emotional at a concert since I photographed Nina Simone back in ’89. (Thor M. Renslemo)